Mechanical Works at Steam Electrical Power Stations

Project Description :

Boilers Retrofit for NOx reduction with primary measures Units I-II-III-IV – Dismantling of existing PF-Ducts, secondary air and fuel gas piping, Lignite burners (Primary/Secondary). Erection of New Burner System (Vapour/Coal Burners), PF-Ducts, Secondary/Sealing/Cooling Air piping, installation of new Fuel Burners.

Repair, reconstruction works of Dry Ash from the bottom of Boiler Collection system (MAGALDI System), repair and maintenance works of cleaning steam of Boiler Coils equipment in S.E.S. Units, repair works of main equipment and auxilliary systems from S.E.S. Units, cleaning and maintenance works of Conveyors circuits, Ash circuits and laboratory, retread works of Mills double-bearing Axis, mechanical support works in the industrial facilities and work shop of S.E.S

Additional Info

  • Budget : 6.639.720,31 €
  • Client : P.P.C. S.A.
  • Duration : 2009 – 2020
Project DescriptionClient / LocationBudget
Boilers Retrofit for Nox reduction with primary measures Units I-II-III-IVERGOTEM S.A. – METKA S.A. – P.P.C. S.A. / S.E.S. Ag Dimitrios1.449.987,00 €
Mechanical Works at S.E.S. PtolemaisP.P.C. S.A. / S.E.S. Ptolemais1.570.311,03 €
Mechanical Works at S.E.S. Agios DimitriosP.P.C. S.A. / S.E.S. Ag Dimitrios453.050,84 €
Mechanical Works at S.E.S. KardiasP.P.C. S.A. / S.E.S. Kardias255.418,58 €
Mechanical Works at S.E.S. Amynteon FilotasP.P.C. S.A. / S.E.S. Amynteon Filotas466.143,44 €
Mechanical works at Lignite Main Mine WorkshopP.P.C. S.A. / Main Lignite Mine Ptolemaida Area388.440,00 €
Reshielding of Lignite Mills shells and rotors, repair of Lignite feeders and Burners,Boilers thermostructure repair and internal cleaningP.P.C. S.A. / S.E.S. Amynteon Filotas – S.E.S. Ptolemais1.936.369,42 €
Replacement of wheel bucket Axis KRUPP SchRs 2300-K 1337-1339 (E6)P.P.C. S.A. / Lignite Mine Kardia120.000,00 €

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